Japanese Battle Ready Sword Encyclopedia

Japanese Battle Ready Sword Encyclopedia

The Japanese battle ready sword originated from the Tang Hengdao in China. The Japanese sword is the collective name for foreigners to the traditional Japanese sword. According to the shape and size, it can be divided into Taidao, Dadao, Ribcha (rib finger), short sword, etc. Among them, the sword called by the Japanese refers to the type of sword in the shape of Dadao. Japanese sword in a broad sense also includes long rolls, razors, swords, guns, etc.


Although the Japanese sword originated from the Tang Hengdao in China, Japan has made long-term improvements based on its own ore characteristics and smelting and forging technology. The workmanship of Japanese battle ready swords is very particular, which has a certain relationship with their national character. Another reason is that their resources are relatively scarce, so they have to make more fuss about the production process. The battle ready sword like full tang battle ready swords are light and sharp due to its large cutting angle, which pays more attention to cutting ability, but it is also quite fragile.


1. The shape of the Japanese sword is based on the "circle" shape, regardless of the tip or the entire blade.


The reason why the blade is curved is mainly caused by the combination of steel and quenching. First of all, the knife craftsman wraps the core iron with low carbon content and soft quality with the blade gold and skin iron with a high carbon content and a hard core. This dual structure is a major feature of the Japanese sword. "Japanese sword" is a general term, in essence, like modern firearms, there are many different categories. Traditionally, it can be divided into 26 types according to the shape. Of course, this does not refer to the specific name of the knife, but that it has 26 types of shapes.


2. Since ancient times, the Japanese sword has been known for its beautiful shape as a weapon


Many famous swords are collected as art treasures and contain the meaning of the soul of a samurai. Different from knives in other countries, the biggest feature of samurai weapon Japanese sword is that it shows a sense of design and art on the knife body itself outside the shape decoration. The earliest form of the Japanese sword, according to modern archaeology, is from the heaven of swordsmanship in the Heian period, and its work is the famous Taidao Xiao Karasuma. Since then, through the Kamakura period, the Southern and Northern Dynasties, the Muromachi period, the Azuchi-Momoyama period, and the Edo period, the shape of the Japanese sword has gradually become the style that people see today. The household period is regulated.


3. According to the development and change of war form and usage, the shape of Japanese sword has gradually evolved


The main manifestation is that the transfer of the Jing-reverse is advanced from the stem-reverse and waist-reverse cuts. Many ancient knives of Ping An and the Northern and Southern Dynasties, which have grown up in shape, have also been subjected to grinding or even grinding to shorten their length. In the Edo period, the main application of the samurai weapon Japanese sword was no longer the battlefield function, but turned into a figurative expression tool of swordsmanship. Therefore, the Japanese sword of the Edo period was much weaker than the swords of the previous era. The production of the Japanese sword, from the late Heian period to the Kamakura period, saw the emergence of Yamato Den, Bizen Den, Yamashiro, Sianshu Den, and Mino Den, which are also known as the "Five Legends of the World", and famous craftsmen from all over the world emerged. Especially in Nagfune Town in Bizen Kingdom.


4. Tang Dao vs battle ready sword


The shape of the Tang knife is straight and the cutting area accounts for one-third of the blade, while the samurai weapon has a certain curvature, and the cutting area accounts for one-half of the blade. The shape is similar to the battle ready sword. The Tang Dao is a straight sword, good at slashing and cutting armor, and it is a high-level military-level standard weapon in China. Among them, the Tang Heng Dao is the most widely circulated. The so-called "Tang Dao" that is popular in modern times is generally narrow and straight, with a small tang and a long handle, which can be held by both hands.

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