1095 Steel Katana

1095 refers to high-quality high-carbon steel with a carbon content of 0.95%, which has a very high hardness and a high degree of sharpness after cutting;But this high hardness is a disadvantage if not properly heat-treated.
The main advantage of swords made from 1095 steel is that, when well tempered, they retain a sharper edge than swords with lower carbon content. 1095 carbon steel is usually slightly more expensive than 1060, and is generally used for forging high-quality samurai swords with strong practicality such as katana and tachi swords.
Coolkatana offers high-quality katana forged from 1095 steel. All are designed for practical use, and the products are hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited two hundred years of casting technology in Longquan, China.
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