Why is the Japanese Murayasa Samurai Sword Called Demon Sword?

Why is the Japanese Murayasa Samurai Sword Called Demon Sword?

It was originally the name of Ise's swordsmanship for about a hundred years from the middle of the Muromachi period to the Tensho period. At that time, Japan was entering the turbulent period of the Warring States Period, and there was a great demand for the Japanese katana sword. Muramasa only produces the best knives that can be used in actual combat. Perhaps because it is too sharp, it began to have the titles of "evil sword" and "demon sword" in the Edo period, and was avoided by the world. Among the existing demon swords, the one called "Miaofa Muramasa" is the most famous.


1. The katana sword is one of the most famous Japanese swords in Japan


The Muramasa sword, with a blade length of 73.32cm, was made by Shishu Muramasa between the Muromachi period and the end of the Warring States period. It has outstanding cutting ability and is regarded as a symbol of "bad luck" by the Tokugawa family, and is reputed to be a "demon sword Muramasa". Therefore, it was very popular among the Changzhou Falling Curtain faction at the end of the curtain. However, this is also the misfortune of Muramasa. Perhaps it is because it is too sharp. In the Edo period, it began to have the titles of "evil sword" and "demon sword", and was avoided by the world.


2. The reason why the Muramasa katana sword is called a demon sword


The first generation of Muramasa and his descendants were swordsmiths living in Ise, and their works all had gorgeous blade patterns and were extremely sharp at the same time. Until the Warring States Period, the number of handed down Muramasa was still relatively large, and was carried by a considerable number of samurai to fight. The rumors of the "demon sword" began with Tokugawa Ieyasu.


At that time, the two generations of the Matsudaira family before Ieyasu died under the Muramasa katana sword. Ieyasu's grandfather, Matsudaira Kiyoshin, was beheaded by his retainer Abe Yaqiro in the fourth year of Tianwen (1535), and Yasushiro used the Muramasa sword at that time; In the assassination, Hachiya also used Muramasa at that time; the one who hit Ieyasu the most was his outstanding son Nobunaga, who was ordered to be cut off by Oda Nobunaga because he was suspected of collaborating with the enemy. Nobuyoshi cut it calmly, but Hattori Hanzo, who was originally the "Jiecuo" (beheader), fell to the ground crying and couldn't move. Another retainer couldn't bear Xinkang's continued torment, and jumped out and drew his sword to behead Xinkang's head. When he returned to the Tokugawa family to recover his life, Ieyasu suddenly asked, "What kind of knife did Jie misuse?" and replied, "Sezhou Muramasa". Ieyasu's face changed greatly, and Ieyasu himself was injured by Muramasa's knife when he was a child in Suruga. Although these can be said to be coincidences, but in the fifth year of Qingchang (1600), in the battle of Oda and Hanoi. Shou Changxiao's spear accidentally injured Ieyasu's finger, which was the finger that was injured in the past. What's more, this spear was also made by Shizhou Village, all of which had to make Ieyasu have an inexplicable fear.


So after Jiakang pacified the world, he immediately announced that the village was the demon sword, and ordered all the village's swords and guns to be destroyed. However, Muramasa, who has brought misfortune to the Tokugawa family for several generations, has become a favorite thing for people who are disgusted with the Tokugawa family. For example, Sanada Yukimura and Yui Masaaki like to use Muramasa.


Some samurai could not bear the destruction of their favorite swords, so they ground the "Muramasa" sword inscription, or changed it to another famous sword inscription called "King Dao": "Authentic". Throughout the Tokugawa shogunate period, the village was rumored to be the nemesis of the Tokugawa shogun's family, and various strange "demon sword" legends emerged one after another. At the end of the shogunate period, many samurai engraved their sabers with the inscription "Murasho", hoping to get a good luck and behead the heads of the shogunate. Many "authentic" suffered. When Emperor Meiji implemented the "Knife Prohibition Order", the katana sword lost its practical value and became basically a work of art. After learning about the reason why katana sword is called demon sword, you may want to find katana sword set for sale. COOLKATANA has katana sword of high quality, buy now!


In the Edo period, we began to pay attention to judging good and bad from the sharp character of the sword, but the peaceful atmosphere of the society at that time did not like such a sharp sword, so Muramasa, famous for its sharpness and suitability for actual combat, also began for this reason. It's called "The demon sword". By the late Edo period, the concept of Muramasa as a demon sword had become deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

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