Zoro's Sword: Cursed Blade - Sandai Kitetsu

Zoro's Sword: Cursed Blade - Sandai Kitetsu


Sandai Kitetsu, or as it's popularly known in the One Piece universe, the Youtou - Sandai Kitetsu, is no ordinary sword. Crafted by the legendary swordsmith, Tengu Mountain Feitei, this blade carries a legacy as dark as its power. Many tales tell of brave souls who dared to wield it but met tragic fates due to its ominous nature.

Zoro's Dance with Destiny

In a fateful encounter with Hawkeye, Zoro's trusty swords met their match, leaving him with just one blade - the Wado Ichimonji. But as fate would have it, his path led him to stumble upon the Sandai Kitetsu in a dusty corner of a Loguetown weapons shop. Despite its reputation for bad luck, Zoro's boldness shone through as he decided to make it his own, marking the beginning of an epic journey.

Handgeschmiedetes One Piece Roronoa Zoros Sandai Kitetsu Anime Schwert Clay Tempered Battle Ready

An Exchange of Courage and Steel

With a toss of fate, Zoro threw the Sandai Kitetsu into the air, a daring display of his unwavering confidence. Impressed by Zoro's bravado, the shopkeeper recognized a kindred spirit and bestowed upon him not only the legendary sword but also the coveted Shuusui, a treasure of the shop.

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The Sandai Kitetsu is not just an ordinary sword; it symbolizes Zoro's resilience, determination, and indomitable spirit in the world of ‘One Piece’. As he continues his journey to become the greatest swordsman, this legendary weapon, along with the Wado Ichimonji and the Emma, will always be by his side, witnessing his courage and steadfastness.


Handgeschmiedetes One Piece Roronoa Zoros Sandai Kitetsu Anime Schwert Clay Tempered Battle Ready


Sandai Kitetsu

Sandai Kitetsu is one of Roronoa Zoro's swords in the anime ‘One Piece’. It is the narrowest and has the most curved blade among the three swords. It features a small white cloth on the handle and sheath, and its blade has strange flame-like patterns. It is classified as a ‘Grade 3’ sword.


Length: 88cm

Width: 1.7cm

Blade thickness: Approximately 0.8cm


Length: 22cm

Width: 2cm


Length: 89cm

Width (outer): 1.9cm

Width (inner): 1.7cm

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