Welcome to COOLKATANA, one online store for real katana swords. we are passionate about creating amazing high quality genuine katana swords, providing all-around assistance for Japenese sword or samurai sword lovers, martial artists, and collectors, so you can find the katana you want here.

COOLKATANA is a brand that advocates professionalism. All our samurai swords are designed in Japan, and the highest quality steel is selected as the raw material for production. It is hand-forged by swordsmith from a time-honored shop in Longquan, Zhejiang, China , which has a thousand-year forging history. We emphasize every detail of forging and adhering to the spirit of craftsmanship, to produce katana swords that are extremely sharp and can meet actual combat standards. Our passion for katana swords means that we only provide customers with the highest quality products and ensure that every customer is satisfied.

We provide a large number of katana swords paired with standard accessories, each sword is hand-forged, hand-edged, and hand-assembled by artisans to ensure the best experience for users. We sell real handmade katana swords that are perfect gifts for sword lovers.

In addition, we also provide VIP customized service for Japanese katana swords. Please email us your special needs, you can choose the accessories, color, sheath, handle and blade material on the blade, or send us a drawing with size and design description. We will do our best to provide you with a high-quality katana sword. Email address: service@coolkatana.com


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