What Are the Katana Sword Techniques and Precautions for Use?

What Are the Katana Sword Techniques and Precautions for Use?

I. The technique of using katana sword


The essence of katana sword is speed, and the essence of Iaido is the first sword, which is recognized by most schools. Pay attention to the knife, do not face the opponent with the whole body when the knife is out, lunge with both legs, and turn the body to the left to a certain angle to draw the knife when the whole body is turned around by the strength of the waist, which can greatly increase the speed and strength of the knife. No matter how strong your wrist is, don't kill yourself when you shoot out a knife. If you can't hold back, you will hurt your wrist, or even hurt yourself if you let go of your hand. If the wrist strength is really not enough, a little trick is to hold the thumb firmly on the knife, pull one hand hard, and then suddenly release the thumb.


II. Precautions for using katana sword


1. Press the thumb on the side of the blade corresponding to the blade, do not face the cutting edge, otherwise cut your thumb in half first.


2. The tiger's mouth should not be too close to the sheath mouth, otherwise, an unstable tiger's mouth will be cut open.


3. Don't rely on this trick, the difficulty is not small, the friction force brought by the thumb, wrist strength, arm strength, waist strength, and leg strength are difficult to match. Sheath and blade.


4. If you can't take it, don't take it hard, draw a circle and cut it again by inertia. Another essence of the katana sword lies in the "circle", which is to block the opponent's knife and attack the opponent again without stopping.


5. Practice wielding the knife every day, starting from fifty strokes and increasing it by ten strokes per day. When the 1,500 strokes of the knife are not released in a day, it is almost the same. In a broad sense, in the same time period, you can beat your opponents more. With a knife, or even half a knife, you win.


6. Regarding chopping, please don't take the katana sword as an axe. If the axe is swung round, it will be fine, but the katana sword will not work. While borrowing wrist strength, arm strength, waist strength, etc., both hands must form a lever, the left hand is the fulcrum, and the right hand must push forward and downward at the same time when the arms are swung down, so that the force is greater, so that the knife can appear secondary acceleration.


7. Use other parts of the katana sword to attack, especially the rafter head, which is the head of the hilt of the knife. When the distance is too close, the knife cannot be drawn. Pull the knife to hit the opponent with the hilt, then move away and pull the knife out.


8. Don't hang the edged katana sword at will. Be aware that these katana swords can be deadly. We should take these weapons very seriously to prevent injury to ourselves or others. You can only pull the knife out of the scabbard when you are sure that it will not hurt others.

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III. When practicing chopping with katana sword, please confirm the following points


1. Please confirm that this knife is suitable for chopping this object.


2. Get guidance from a coach.


3. Make sure that the object being cut can be cut at one time. Wet and rolled up straw mats and plastic bottles can be cut; spruce, fir, ponderosa pine and other trees cannot be cut. The katana sword set is not an axe and will bend when it encounters hard objects.


4. Make sure the target object is placed in the best position for cutting.


5. Improve your own efficiency and use the minimum force to do the maximum work when chopping. Do not try to find the limit of the knife, it is very dangerous. Those classic moments were scrapped along with the broken knife.

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