Bleach Ichigo Sword

Bleach katana sword is inspired by the Japanese anime television series - Bleach. It tells the story of Kurosaki Ichigo after receiving the power of the agent of death from Rukia Kuchiki. His newly acquired power forces him to take on the responsibility of protecting humans from evil spirits and guiding dead souls into the afterlife.

COOLKATANA offers a collection of real Bleach sword replicas for sale, bleach anime swords such as Bleach ichigo sword, bleach Sode no Shirayuki sword, Bleach Zangetsu sword, Rukia Bankai sword, and more. All of our katana swords are designed in Japan and hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited 200 years of casting technology from Longquan, China.

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Bleach Ichigo Sword  - Zangetsu

Ichigo's sword is called Zangetsu. It's a spirit that was sealed inside of Ichigo when he was born, and he has been able to wield it since he was a little kid. Zangetsu is the spirit of a shinigami (soul reaper) who died before his time, and he's been around for over 700 years.

In the anime, Ichigo's Bankai sword is a white sword that is shaped like a Tachi. It has a hilt with a black grip and a red guard and sheath. Ichigo's Bankai sword appears to have a switch on the top of its hilt which allows it to change between its sealed form and its Bankai form. In both forms, the blade has a red outline and seems to be longer than any other Zanpakuto in Soul Society except for Kenpachi Zaraki's Zampakuto.

COOLKATANA Ichigos Sword Replica for Sale

COOLKATANA Ichigo sword is based on the original designs of the ancient Japanese swords. Our Ichigo sword has an authentic hand-forged high carbon steel blade to ensure the best quality and durability. Our handmade bleach swords are one of the finest available in the market today. The Ichigo sword comes with a full tang construction which ensures that the blade and handle are strong enough to withstand any impact or pressure.

The black blade of our samurai swords is made using traditional forging techniques and modern technology. This makes our swords very durable and gives them a unique look that distinguishes them from others. COOLKATANA Ichigo swords all have lacquered sayas which makes them look cool and elegant. Each sword also comes with a free sword bag and a spare pair of mekugies.


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