How Much Do You Know About Japanese Samurai Swords?

How Much Do You Know About Japanese Samurai Swords?

Among the many weapon classifications in Japan, the most important one is undoubtedly the Japanese samurai sword, that is, compared with long weapons such as spears and naginatas, the Japanese samurai sword is more famous and can represent Japan's cold weapons. Japan's national gate, but the real samurai sword, what are the specific ones, do you really know?


1. Knife, as a real samurai sword


In Japanese history, as long as you are a samurai, no matter who you are, you will wear two katana swords, one long and one short. And the long real samurai sword set is a knife. The sword is generally called katana because it is the representative of Japanese swords. The blade of the knife is designed in a curved shape, called Jingfan, and the central part of the blade is designed to be the most curved place, because it is easy to draw the knife. Compared with the sword, another Japanese sword is very easy to confuse with the sword, which is the tachi. The difference is that when the knife is placed, the blade is generally upward, while the sword is downward. There are small handles and shackles inserted on both sides of the scabbard of the knife. The small handle is a small knife about 18 cm long, which is used to cut things and cut lines. Occasionally, it also plays the role of a throwing knife, which Japan calls a shuriken. And Ji's role is to straighten the hair and tickle. The sword does not have these things.


At the same time, if the blade of the knife is pointing downwards at the same time, although both the sword and the sword have inscriptions, the sword is on the right and the sword is at the left. There is also an important difference, that is, because the knife is inserted into the waist with the blade upward. Therefore, Japanese samurai generally draw the sword with the backhand (relatively speaking, it is easier to draw the sword to counterattack, so Japan developed the sword-drawing technique that combines drawing and attacking, and later developed the Iai technique. "Seven Samurai" "Jiu Zang, the highest martial artist, has demonstrated his sword-drawing technique many times), while Taidao has two metal rings on the scabbard. There are ribbons and other objects connected, and the head of the scabbard is wrapped in metal, which is called a stone protruding gold object. Because of the metal ring, the tachi is usually hung with the blade down on the waist. Want to buy Japanese katana online? COOLKATANA would be a great choice!

2. The method of distinguishing the sword and the sword in the real samurai sword


There is another way to distinguish between the real samurai sword and the tachi, that is, the tachi is generally longer, the length of the blade is generally more than 2 feet, and there are longer tachis with a length of more than 3 feet, which are generally called big dachi or wild tachi. The bandit leader in "Seven Samurai" is a standard sword hanging from his waist, which is very obvious, while Kikuchiyo's is a non-standard wild sword. Since the Taidao is mainly suitable for horse fighting, it is more curved than the sword, which is good for slashing and not good for stabbing. Relatively speaking, knives are mainly used for foot combat, so there is no need to lengthen them. In addition to slashing, they can also stab.


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