The Meaning of the Colours of the Nichirin Sword

The Meaning of the Colours of the Nichirin Sword

Many friends don't know the meaning of the nichirin sword of different colours, so let me introduce it to you. Here is an introduction to the meaning of the colour of the nichirin sword in "Demon Slayer". Those who are still unclear, come and have a look.

1. Sun breathing: Black and Red Nichirin Sword


Yoriichi's nichirin sword is composed of black and red. The Sun breathing is the source of all breathing. When Yoriichi uses the Sun breathing to bless the nichirin sword, it will form a sword similar to Red Sword  can make the internal organs of demons feel the pain of the burning sun. Tanjiro's nichirin sword is black. He uses the breath of water and the breath of the sun. I don't know why it is not blue and black. It is worth mentioning that the nichirin sword is very easy to break when Tanjiro is injured.


Sun breathing

2. Moon Breathing: Dark red is the main nichirin sword


Following Kokushibo's use of the breath of the moon, his nichirin sword changed a lot after he became a demon. The sword is covered with eyes, mostly purple and yellow. If the sword is damaged, it will grow back to its original shape, and with Kokushibo liberates his strength, and it will evolve into a longer and larger strange-shaped knife with a wrongly divided blade.


Moon Breathing

3. Water Breathing : Blue Nichirin Sword


The Water Breathing is one of the five basic breaths. The colour of the user's Nichirin anime swords is blue, which is very soft. It is a breath that is suitable for people who have no distractions, are calm and steady, and have a peaceful mind and water. Tomioka Giyuu is such a person.


Water Breathing

4.  Flower Breathing: Pink Nichirin Sword


Breath of Flower is a branch of Breath of Water. The colour of the user's nichirin sword is pink. When slashing, the trajectory of each slash is as elegant and soft as petals. Those who used the breath of flowers included Kochou Kanae and Tsuyuri Kanao. Their lineage ruined by the Twelve Kizuki Douma.


Flower Breathing

5. Insect Breathing: Cyan nichirin sword


 Insect Breathing is also a branch of Flower Breathing. The colour of the user's nichirin sword is cyan, which is a combination of high-speed stabbing skills and poison, to make up for the defect that Shinobu's wrist strength is too small to cut off the demon's head. Its stab speed is faster than the fastest stab of Water Breathing.


6. Snake Breathing: Purple Nichirin Sword


Snake Breathing is also a branch of Water Breathing, and the colour of the user's nichirin sword is purple. No matter what kind of weapon Iguro Obanai uses, it can make the path of the blade meander like a snake, overcome various obstacles, and maximize the softness of the water.


 Snake Breathing

7. Fire Breathing : Red nichirin sword


The Flame Breathing is one of the five basic breaths. The user's nichirin sword are red in colour, which is the closest to the original face of the sun's breath among all the breaths. The Flame Breathing is a breathing method passed down by the Rengoku family from generation to generation. Rengoku Kyojuro cultivated into a pillar of flame based on the records on the scroll.


Fire Breathing
Tanjiro's Black Sword

8. Love Breathing: Pink Nichirin Sword


The Breath of Love is a branch of the Flame Breathing. The colour of the user's nichirin sword is pink.Kanroji Mitsuri is the stepson of Kyoujurou. Her Breath of Love is like a girl in love, although soft but extremely Tough, belongs to the genre of offence and defence.


Love Breathing

9.Thunder Breathing: Golden Nichirin Sword


The Thunder Breathing is one of the five basic breaths. The colour of the user's nichirin sword is golden. It is the fastest and most explosive of all breaths. It has extremely high requirements for the user's physical fitness. Agatsuma Zenitsu can only use Thunder Breathing perfectly when he is asleep.


Thunder Breathing
Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma Sword

Demon Slayer Zenitsu Agatsuma Sword - COOLKATANA

10. Sound Breathing: Red and Gold Nichirin Sword


Breath of Sound is a branch of Thunder Breathing. User Uzui Tengen's nichirin sword has a red handle and a golden blade. Usually, the blade is bound with a bandage. These are two nichirin swords with strange shapes. Each blow of the sound column explodes like a sonic explosion, and it can also be used with special explosives to exert great power. only Uzui Tengen and his swordsmith know its structure.


Sound Breathing

11. Mist Breathing: White nichirin sword


Mist Breathing is a branch of Breath of Wind, and the colour of the user's nichirin sword is white. The trajectory of the slash is very erratic, and Tokitou Muichirou can release a skill like a mist, making his slash elusive. The emergence of red sword in the later period means that all nichirin swords can turn red, which has a strong restraint on the regeneration ability of demons, but after exiting the battle, the nichirin sword should turn into its original colour.

Mist Breathing

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