Tamahagane Steel Katana

Tamahagane Steel is a steel smelted by traditional Japanese methods. The smelting method is complicated and time-consuming. The whole process takes 2-3 days. The final smelted Tamahagane Steel has a carbon content of 1%-1.5%, and is low in sulfur and phosphorus, suitable for forging, and is usually used to make Japanese swords.
The Japanese consider it a precious steel. Some people think that if a katana sword is not made of Tamahagane Steel, then the value of the katana sword will be greatly reduced, and some even say that a sword without Tamahagane Steel cannot be called a katana sword. In fact, a large part of the reason why many sword collectors value the "Tamahagane samurai sword" is the respect for Japanese traditional skills and historical and cultural feelings.

Coolkatana offers high-quality katana forged from Tamahagane Steel. The katana are hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited two hundred years of casting technology in Longquan, China.

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