One Piece Sword

One Piece katana and sword is inspired by the Japanese One Piece manga series. It tells the adventure story of Monkey D. Luffy and his Straw Hat Pirates exploring the sea together. Among them, the deputy captain Zoro has also gained quite high popularity.

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The Best Sword Ranks of One Piece?

The Straw Hat Pirates have a collection of powerful swords. Here is a list of the 15 best swords in One Piece with their own special abilities.

1/15 Yoru
Mihawk's Yoru is a sword with a black blade that has a purple edge. The handle is wrapped in bandages and the hilt appears to be made of gold. When it was first seen, it was left behind by Mihawk after he realized that Luffy had used his skills to defeat him.

2/15 Ace
Roger's sword ACE is a sword that Roger has been using since his early days as a pirate. The blade is made of steel, and it has a single-edged blade with a straight line running down the center. The crossguard is rectangular, and the pommel is round and flat.

3/15 Murakumogiri
Edward Newgate's Sword Murakumogiri is a very powerful weapon that can cut through anything with ease. The blade is made out of Makai steel and has a light blue coloration. Edward used this sword during his fight against the Pirate King Gol D. Roger and during their duel he sliced off his arm with it.

4/15 Shodai Kitetsu
The Shodai Kitetsu was the first sword created by Imanotsurugi. It is a black, double-edged katana with a white hilt and tsuba. It is also said to be able to cut through anything. The sword itself is actually a manifestation of Imanotsurugi's own power, as he can summon it from anywhere at will.

5/15 Griffon
Griffon sword is a sword made by the Griffons, and it is said that only a Griffon can wield this weapon. It is a legendary sword, and it is said that it was forged by Zeus himself.

6/15 Enma
Enma sword is a katana with a black hilt and sheath. The blade is black with two green kanji on the blade saying "Enma" (the Japanese name for Yama). This sword was given to Zoro by Dracule Mihawk after the latter had defeated him in battle.

7/15 Ame no Habakiri
Ame no Habakiri is a powerful sword that can only be wielded by those who have the blood of Amaterasu. It was used by Tsukuyomi in his battle against Susanoo, but was eventually broken by him in their fight.

8/15 Wado Ichimonji
Wado Ichimonji (わどいちもにじ) is a Japanese katana that Zoro received from his sensei, Kuina. He uses it as his main weapon in battle. It has a black scabbard and tsuba; the tsuba is engraved with a dragon head and tail pattern.

9/15 Shusui
Shusui is one of the most powerful swords in Naruto, and was initially owned by Itachi Uchiha. Itachi used Shusui as a symbol of power and strength, which led him to use it in battle with his brother Sasuke; however, Sasuke later took Shusui for himself.

10/15 Nidai Kitetsu
Nidai Kitetsu is a katana that has been in the possession of the Kurogane family since the Edo period. Its name comes from the kanji for "second" and "fourth", referring to its position as a second blade made by Masamune during his lifetime and fourth in the series of swords created by him. It is currently owned by Kogane Kurogane.

11/15 Kogarashi
The Shiki's Sword Kogarashi is a Japanese sword, which was used by the character Shiki Ryougi in the anime series Kara no Kyoukai: The Garden of Sinners. The sword is crafted by Seiji Takagi, who later gives it to Shiki as a present on her birthday.

12/15 Raiu
Raiu is a sword used by Shiryu in the anime adaptation of Saint Seiya. It is an extremely powerful weapon, and was given to Shiryu by his master, Tatsumi. The sword is said to be able to cut through anything and everything. The name Raiu comes from the Japanese word for thunder.

13/15 Oto
Shiki's Sword Oto is a Japanese sword that was forged by Shiki around 300 years ago. It is the most powerful weapon in the series and its destructive power can match that of the Excalibur. It has the ability to cut through anything, including magical barriers and space itself.

14/15 Durandal
Cavendish's Sword Durandal is a giant sword used by Cavendish. It is one of the seven Holy Swords, a set of legendary weapons used by the Seven Deadly Sins.

15/15 Pretzel
The Charlotte's Sword Pretzel is a large, thin, twisted pretzel. It was named after the daughter of the woman who invented it and is only sold at the bakery near her home town. The shape of this pretzel resembles a sword, which is where it gets its name.

The 3 Zoro Katanas

The Three katanas of Zoro are three katanas that belong to Zoro and are his signature weapons.

While not his main katana, the Wado Ichimonji is a powerful katana with a blade made from the tooth of the mythical dragon, Ryuma. It is often used as a reference for how powerful Zoro's katanas are. The katana was given to him by Kuina after she had won it from him in a duel.

The Yubashiri is another one of Zoro's katanas that he uses frequently. It is a single-edged yoroi-dōshi (armor piercing) blade that was given to him by Dracule Mihawk as a reward for defeating Koshiro when he was still an apprentice.

The Sandai Kitetsu is Zoro's third and most powerful katana. It was given to him by Koshiro after their duel, but Koshiro later stole it back and gave it to Mihawk instead before his final battle with Zoro.

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