Demon Slayer Sword

Demon slayer replica sword is inspired by the Demon Slayer manga series. It follows teenage Tanjiro Kamado, who strives to become a demon slayer after his family was slaughtered and his younger sister Nezuko turned into a demon.

COOLKATANA offers all types of Demon Slayer katana replicas for anime roles cosplay, such as Demon Slayer Tanjiro katana, Demon Slayer Nichiren sword, Inosuke Nichiren swords, and more custom Demon Slayer swords for you! All of our katana swords are designed in Japan and hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited 200 years of casting technology from Longquan, China.
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COOLKATANA Real Demon Slayer Katana

If you are looking for a sword that's both cool and functional, then the COOLKATANA demon slayer katana may be the right choice for you. Our demon slayer katana replicas are cool samurai swords that feature great - craftsmanship and beautiful design by Longquan swordsmith from China. It also has a blade made from high carbon steel, which means it can withstand heavy use without bending or breaking.
The Demon Slayer Katanas are replicas of swords of one of the most famous Japanese anime Demon Slayer. The demon slayer replica katanas are hand forged, battle ready, and free for customization with engraving design.

Demon Slayer Replica Katanas for Cosplay

Our demon slayer katana replicas are a perfect choice for cosplay, such as Halloween, fancy balls, and other activities. For a large number of fans and cosplayers of Demon Slayer anime, hand-crafted cool demon slayer swords will be very necessary with your costume to make heads turn. 

Different Colors of COOLKATANA Demon Slayer Katanas for Sale

Every sword in Demon Slayer has a different color, and the sword colors have meanings as well. In that regard, Let's learn the meanings of different demon slayer anime katanas in the Demon Slayer.

Tanjiro's Katana from Demon Slayer - Black Sword

It was revealed in the anime that the black Nichiren katana is associated with the Sun Breathing technique, which is said to indicate bad luck. Tanjiro learned that from a dance that was passed by his family. Therefore, his Nichirin sword turned black because he's the inheritor of the Sun Breathing technique

Rengoku's Nichirin Sword - Red sword

Rengoku's katana sword is said to be the trademark color of the one who trains in the Flame Breathing style used. The flaming red sword that Rengoku used in battle perfectly fit his fiery fighting spirit.

Giyu's Nichirin Sword - Blue Sword

Giyu is one of the best swordsmen in the Demon Slayer Anime and he uses the Water Breathing technique, that's why his sword blade adopts the color of the water. The water Breathing technique allows him to use the samurai sword fluidly like water and use techniques that are very smooth.

Zenitsu's Nichirin Sword - Yellow Sword

Zenitsu is a force to be reckoned with due to his Thunder Breathing style, which is incredibly fast. His sword consists of a lighting pattern that goes well with his entire look and fast fighting style.

Inosuke's Nichirin Swords - Indigo Sword

Inosuke's indigo dual swords are one of the most special swords in the entire Demon Slayer anime. Inosuke uses the trademark Beast Breathing technique to use the jagged dual swords in a crude but very effective manner. And the jagged swords can carve flesh out like a saw and enhance Inosuke's techniques.

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