Wakizashi appeared in the Edo period of Japan as a backup sword used by samurai, often worn with the samurai sword. Wakizashi is more suitable for tight environments and close quarters combat. And no collection of Japanese swords is complete without at least a few smaller companion swords.
The wakizashi produced by COOLKATANA are between 30cm-60cm in length and are designed for practical use. The shape comes from Japan, and the product is hand-forged by a swordsmith who has two hundred years of casting technology in Longquan, China.
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What is the Difference Between a Katana and a Wakizashi?

A katana is a Japanese sword that is traditionally used by the samurai class. It has a curved blade and a handle that is long enough to be grasped with two hands. A samurai would use his katana in battle, but he also might use it for more mundane tasks, such as cutting wood and preparing food.

A wakizashi is a slightly shorter version of the katana, which can be used as a secondary weapon when fighting on horseback or when riding into battle. Its length makes it easy to carry around in addition to your primary weapon (the katana).

The main differences between these two swords are their size and shape:

A katana is the long sword, while wakizashi is the short sword. The term "katana" was originally applied to any long, swordlike weapon. Today it's used for one type of Japanese sword.

The katana has a curved blade with a length of about 70 cm (27.5 inches), which is longer than the wakizashi's blade of about 50 cm (20 inches). The katana's curved blade makes it more suitable for slashing and cutting actions than thrusting. In contrast, the wakizashi's curved blade makes it better suited for thrusting than slashing or cutting.

The two swords also differ in how they're worn: The katana is worn with its cutting edge down and away from the body, while the wakizashi is worn with its cutting edge up and facing forward toward the opponent.

What is a Samurai Wakizashi Sword and How to Use It?

The Samurai Wakizashi Sword is a short sword that was used for close combat by the Samurai warriors of ancient Japan. The Samurai Wakizashi Sword was used along with the Katana Sword in battle as well as for ceremonies.

The Samurai Wakizashi Sword was also known as a companion sword due to its light weight and small size. It was worn on the waist for easy access at all times.

The Samurai Wakizashi Sword is normally about 30 inches long and weighs around 1 pound. The blade is usually between 10 inches and 24 inches long and it varies in width from 4 mm to 12 mm. The blade is made out of high carbon steel which makes it very durable and flexible when needed but also makes it susceptible to rust if not properly taken care of after use. Find carbon steel wakizashi for sale at COOLKATANA now!

The handle of the Samurai Wakizashi Sword is usually made out of wood or wrapped leather but some have been known to have metal handles like brass or silver plated guards that protect your hand during battle or ceremonies where you would be expected to wear gloves anyway.

Learning how to use this weapon is easy if you already know how to use a katana. A samurai wakizashi has the same basic design as its larger counterpart, but it obviously cannot be used in battle or for self-defense purposes due to its small size. If you have any experience using a katana, then the wakizashi will feel natural in your hand because they both share the same grip style and weight distribution.

Buying a Samurai Wakizashi Sword - Things to Consider

A Samurai Wakizashi Sword can be an investment that you will be proud of. You could find high quality Wakizashi for sale at COOLKATANA Japan sword shop. Here are some things to consider before making your purchase.

1. Consider the Blade Material

Wakizashi swords are usually made with carbon steel as opposed to stainless steel and will rust if not properly cared for. This is a good reason to buy a katana sword that has been coated in lacquer or given a blackened finish. The coating protects the blade from rusting and also gives it a more authentic look.

2. Consider the Blade Shape

The blade tip of this type of sword is very sharp, so it should only be used for cutting targets that can handle being punctured. This kind of sword should not be used against other types of swords because it could break or bend easily if used incorrectly, leading to injury for whoever tries using it during combat.

3. Consider the Handle Material

The handle material on this type of sword is usually wood in order to reduce weight and make it easy for someone who is not strong enough to wield it properly without hurting themselves (or others). It's important to keep your hands away from the blade when practicing with this kind of weapon.

Wakizashi Sword for Sale - Why You Should Buy Japanese Wakizashi

A wakizashi sword is a Japanese sword that is approximately two thirds the length of a katana. A wakizashi is typically used in pairs with the katana, or it can be worn alone. A samurai with both katana and wakizashi is the real samurai.

Wakizashi Swords for Sale

The Japanese style of sword making has been around for centuries, and it is still practiced today. The tradition of creating these blades started with the Samurai people. When they first appeared on the scene, their weapons were mostly made out of bronze or iron. As time went on, they began using steel to make their swords and other weapons as well as using damascus steel for special blades that were made only for royalty.

Today there are many different types of Japanese Wakizashi available from different makers around the world who use modern materials but still follow ancient methods when crafting these blades.

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