What Are the Characteristics of Longquan Sword?

What Are the Characteristics of Longquan Sword?

A long time ago, China's metal smelting and casting technology has reached a very high level. Modern unearthed cultural relics can also be proved. In 1956, when excavating the tomb of Chu, it was discovered that two Yue Wang swords cast by Ou Yezi were buried underground for more than 2,000 years, but they were still dazzling, sharp and without rust. Longquan sword, in the long-term development, has formed five major characteristics in the quality of the product after the study of the casters of the past dynasties and the pursuit of excellence.


1. The longquan sword is tough and sharp


In 1978, at two national gatherings in the Chinese arts and crafts circle, the artist who made the Longquan sword once demonstrated it in public. With a Longquan sword, he effortlessly split the six copper plates stacked together into two pieces without the blade curling.


2. Longquan sword combines rigidity and softness


The ancient longquan sword was cast with pig iron and medium carbon steel, and the quenching process was just right, so that the medium carbon steel had the characteristics of spring steel. For example, a thin sword is rolled into a circle and tied around the waist like a belt for a skirt. When unfastened, the sword stood straight as before.


3. The longquan sword is cold and compelling


There is a kind of grinding stone called "Bright Stone" in Longquan. The sword polished on this kind of stone shone with cold light. The longquan sword is completely polished by hand, and it often takes days or even months from rough grinding, fine grinding to fine grinding.


4. The longquan sword is ingeniously decorated


The sword body is engraved with a seven-star logo and a flying dragon pattern. Carving flowers on the sword is also a stunt of the longquan sword. Chinese swordsmiths don't use colored pens or patterns, they only use a steel chisel to carve the sword body that is not too wide an inch wide. After carving, pour copper water, flatten and grind it, the dragon pattern is vivid and natural. never disappear. Longquan swords were mostly unsheathed in ancient times. The scabbard and hilt are made of local rosewood. This rosewood has a tough texture, beautiful texture and antique flavor. Then decorated with silver and bronze, the Longquan sword is even more icing on the cake.


5. Longquan sword craft decoration


From raw materials to finished products, the longquan sword must undergo more than 20 processes, including refining, forging, shoveling, filing, engraving, copper inlaying, cold forging, quenching, and polishing. Traditional hand-polishing, including coarse, fine, and fine grinding (with a local-specific bright stone), gives the sword a cool brilliance. The longquan sword is made of high-quality steel. After tempering and heat treatment, it has the characteristics of spring steel. The longquan sword is uniquely decorated. In addition to the dragon and phoenix and seven-star patterns engraved on the body of the sword, some are also engraved with the name of the sword owner as a commemoration. The scabbard and hilt are made of pear wood, which is a local specialty.


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