Jananese Samurai Swords: Representative of the Soul of the Samurai

Jananese Samurai Swords: Representative of the Soul of the Samurai

There is a weapon that has been used on the Japanese battlefield for more than a thousand years. This terrifying weapon, which can split a man in half from the throat, has also given birth to a unique art and way of life. This kind of knife is elegant in shape, and its radian is the most perfect combination of strength and beauty. It contributes to the formation of a tough, resolute samurai mentality. There is no weapon in the world that is considered to have its own spirit like a katana sword. This is Japanese samurai swords!


Japanese swords, also known as Toyo swords or samurai swords, are divided into Tachi, Katana(sword), Wakizashi (Wakie finger), short sword, etc. according to shape and size. In a broad sense, it also includes scrolls, naginata, swords, guns, etc.


1. Characteristics of Japanese samurai swords


Since ancient times, as a weapon, it has been known for its graceful shape. Many famous knives have been collected as works of art, and they contain the symbolic meaning of the soul of a samurai. Different from knives from other countries, one of the biggest features of Japanese katana set is that the knife body itself shows a sense of art in addition to the appearance decoration.


2. The historical development of Japanese samurai swords


As early as the Tang Dynasty in China, China's smelting and forging technology and economy achieved unprecedented development, and the expensive Tang knife was introduced to Japan, which had already obtained the Han knife smelting skills. However, when the Emperor of Japan saw Tang Dao with superior performance and exquisite workmanship, he also exclaimed: Only the Central Plains can cast such a fine sword.


Subsequently, the forging method of Japanese samurai swords was influenced by the forging method of Tang Dao. However, due to some incomplete forging techniques, Japanese swords have gradually evolved into one of the world's three famous swords that we see today in the torrent of Japanese history. In fact, in addition to those big katanas, there are also some mini katanas. These scaled-down katana swords are not only aesthetically pleasing but also perform as a katana sword should!


With its excellent performance, Japanese samurai swords occupy a place in the world's cold weapons and enjoy a good reputation and reputation.


Japanese sword is the general name of foreigners for Japanese swords. According to the shape and size, it can be divided into Tachi, Katana, Wakizashi, short sword and so on. Among them, the sword called by the Japanese specifically refers to the sword in the form of a sword.

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