Of the Nine Famous katanas in Anime, Which One Do You Like?

Of the Nine Famous katanas in Anime, Which One Do You Like?

The sword and samurai is a common element in Japanese animation, and katana is a symbolic presence that accompanies the samurai. Today we are going to take a look at some of the best katana masters in anime and their famous katana.


1. The Bakusaiga anime katana blade in "Inuyasha"


It's Seshyoumaru's own katana, which is the famous katana that can prove he is better than his father! The appearance of Bakusaiga is based on the dependent heart of Seshyoumaru's victory over Tōga-Ō (his father). Before that, Seshyoumaru was obsessed with competing with Inuyasha for the Tessaiga "As the symbol of his father's legitimate heir". No matter how stronger he was than Inuyasha, he had not been able to properly define his power as long as he was still clinging to this point.


Once he broke through this dependence on his father's strength and his obsession with being the legitimate heir, and become who he really is, then the Bakusaiga that entirely belongs to him came out naturally. This means the rebirth of Seshyoumaru, a new birth of the great monster of the Warring States who could stand alone, has abandoned the obsession of family glory and has an independent will.


2. The Yoru anime katana blade in "One Piece"


The Yoru is the world's strongest black anime katana blade katana in the anime "One Piece". The user is Dracule Mihawk, one of the Oka Shichibukai, who is the world's strongest swordsman, and it represents the highest peak of swordsmanship and is the ultimate goal of all swordsmen's struggle.


3. The Kyoukasuigetsu anime katana blade in "Bleach"


The Kyoukasuigetsu is a zanpakutou knife of flowing water, which can disturb enemies and let them kill each other by the reflection of fog and water. Unohana Retsu says that this is a hypnotic ritual, and Aizen acknowledges and explains that the condition of hypnosis is to let the person see the unleash moment of Kyoukasuigetsu, and those who have seen it will remain in a perpetual state of complete hypnosis, and they will become prisoners when he is liberated.


4. The Samehada anime katana blade in "Naruto"


Samehada can be thrown to attack and suck the chakra of the enemy, and heal the master's wounds by using the chakra it absorbed. Samehada can be combined with Kisame, and let the Kisame into the shape of shark men. It is now used by Killer Bee.


5. The Touyako anime katana blade in "Gin Tama"


The favorite knife of the leading actor Gintoki Sakata was always carried with him, and the wooden knife has the words "Touyako" on it. The product is called the demon sword "Astral Barrage", which is "a knife made from a 10,000-year old 'diamond tree' that grows on the border", so it is a "strong wood knife" that can be destroyed by whether "a rock or a meteorite or your muscles or whatever".


6. The Mugan anime katana blade in "D.Gray-man"


It's the exorcism weapon held by Yu Kanda, which is a black katana (before firing) and a silver blade and sometimes a green light after firing. (As a reminder, Kanda is a second-generation exorcist who was born with the regeneration capacity, and the tattoo on his left shoulder would grow as the number of using times of his regeneration, unrelated to the six phantom.) There are three classes in total: "The disaster attracted a hallucination of the boundary worm", "Two Magic Mantis with Eight Flowers" and "The Triple Phantom Kill".


7. The Mugan anime katana blade in "Hitman Reborn"


The weapons used by Yamamoto Takesh, who is the Vongola Decimo's Guardian of the Rain. Yamamoto Takesh inherited his father Yamamoto Tsuyoshi's "Shigure souen ryuu " and created some of his own moves.


8. The Nietononoshana anime katana blade in "Shana of the Blazing Eyes"


It's "Flame-Haired Burning-Eyed Hunter" Shana's Katana, which is 130cm long, with a blade length of 108.3cm and a handle of 21.7cm. It's obtained after defeating the most vicious monster Tenmokuikko of Misutesu in the history of legend, can resist the most powerful weapon Guzenotomogara Jizaihou. Because there was no scabbard when it was made, it was usually used in battle and kept in the night slope usually. When Shana is weak, it is the knife that materializes her own flame.


9. The Red Sakura anime katana blade in "Fairy Tail"


Discard all armor and focus all the magic on the sword, if don't do this, it won't be able to be held. While holding the Red Sakura, Elza will concentrates the power of the fellow guild members, and converts the opponent's magic into a critical strike.

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