Hand Forged Japanese Tanto Sword Short Sword Blue Blade Folded Steel Iron Tsuba Full Tang Sharp

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Blue Full Tang Tanto Description:

The Japanese Tanto is a Japanese short sword with one or two edges, dating back to the Heian period. A katana sword whose blade length is less than 30cm and is used for stabbing at close range. And no collection of Japanese swords is complete without at least a few smaller companion swords. Coolkatana offers traditional Japanese Tanto for sale in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Hand Forged Japanese Short Sword Features:

  • Folded steel. Full Tang. Clay tempered.
  • Battle ready, not just a collectible.
  • Traditional craftsmanship, hand forged, hand polished.
  • Perfect balance, comfortable grip.
  • Gives away a free sword bag and spare Mekugi (Peg).
  • Free engraving available.

Folded Steel Japanese Tanto Specifications:

Overall Length:54cm / 21.3"
Nagasa(Blade):31cm / 12.2"
Tsuka(Handle):15cm / 5.9"
Motohaba(width near habaki):3.15cm
Sakihaba(width near yokote):2.3cm
Kasane(thickness at habaki): 7.5mm
Sakikasane(thickness at yokote): 3mm
Blade:Maru, Folded Steel
Saya Material: Hardwood
Handle Material:Hardwood+Genuine Rayskin
Tsuba:Iron, 60*40*5mm


  1. The display stand and packing box aren't included.
  2. Our products are 100% handmade, so specification varies slightly from sword to sword. We appreciate your understanding.
  3. All our katana swords are hand forged by swordsmiths,  the forging time about 7-15 days. For some high-performance swords may require longer hand forged processing time, depending on the difficulty of the craft.


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