Chinese Sword

Chinese swords are divided into two types: Jian and Dao. Jian is a double-edged straight sword, and Dao is a single-edged sword, mostly curved since the Song Dynasty. Jian is sometimes called a long sword, while DAO is called a saber or knife. In the Western Zhou Dynasty, the sword was mainly made of bronze, and in the late Warring States period, it was converted to wrought iron. Chinese swords are usually 70-110 cm (28-43 in) in length, although longer swords are sometimes found. Outside of China, Chinese swords were also used in Japan in the third to sixth centuries AD, but were replaced by the Japanese samurai sword by the middle of the Heian period. To the end of the Warring States Period in China, the sword was used more as a symbol of power and dignity by ancient kings and nobles, who often presented swords to each other to show friendship.

Coolkatana offers various sizes and shapes of Chinese swords for sale, including: Tai Chi swords, Han swords, Tang swords and more. All are hand-forged by master swordsmen who have inherited the two-hundred-year-old casting technology of Longquan, China. And won various awards for many times, it is an excellent collection or a gift for friends and relatives

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