1045 Steel Katana

The carbon content of 1045 steel is 0.45%. It is a commonly used medium carbon steel. It has the characteristics of medium tensile strength and high strength, and has a wide range of applications. 1045 steel is generally considered the minimum carbon content required to make a suitable entry-level functional blade. It is softer and easier to use for craftsmen, so it is often used to make less expensive swords. This inherent softness also means that it will not hold the edges as adeptly as harder carbon steels, but when this type of needle is used against the proper target in a good tempered condition, it will still Has very good durability.
Coolkatana offers high quality functional katana forged from 1045 steel. Everything is designed for practicality, and the products are hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited the century-old casting technology of Longquan in China.
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What is 1045 carbon steel

For 1045, the first number "1" indicates that the steel is carbon steel, the second number "0" indicates that the steel has no significant alloying elements, and the last two numbers "45" indicate that the steel contains 0.45% carbon .

1045 steel is a medium carbon structural steel, the advantage is that the structure and properties of the steel are uniform. It has good cold and hot workability, good mechanical properties, and can further heat treat the final product. Due to its low price and wide supply, it is widely used in the sword manufacturing industry.

Is 1045 carbon steel good for a samurai sword?

Among the swords, the three most popular carbon steels are 1045, 1060 and 1095, the cheapest of which is 1045 carbon steel. Swords made of 1045 carbon steel are cheaper because this steel is relatively soft and easy to make, whether by hand or machine.

1045 carbon steel has a carbon content of 0.45%, so it is the lowest steel among functional swords.

However, 1045 steel can be unexpectedly strong if properly tempered and quenched.

Swords made of 1045 carbon steel are relatively cheap, so when users search for swords, they find that the price of swords is relatively cheap, but the steel is not mentioned, so it is very likely to use 1045 carbon steel.

By modern standards, 1045 is the lowest level of steel used in swords. But the purity of modern steel is comparable to medieval steel, or even Japanese jade steel, and a properly tempered 1045 carbon steel sword will outperform historical original swords.


1045 Carbon Steel Katana For Sale - Buy 1045 Carbon Steel Katana Now

Novices often ask about the best steel for swords? But it's important to know that the "best" steel for a knife or a sword depends on your intended use and what type of sword it is. In addition to steel, there are other factors that may be more important than the steel itself.

For example, the heat treatment of the steel, its forging quality, proper tempering…

If these are handled well, the most common steels may perform better than so-called "premium steels".

There are three reasons to buy 1045 steel katana at COOLKATANA

1. High quality raw materials.
2. Hand forged by experienced swordsmiths.
3. With rich experience, proper heat treatment is done for each sword.

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