1060 Steel Katana

1060 steel refers to high-quality carbon steel with a carbon content of about 0.60%. The sharpness of the blade is well maintained, and its elasticity and hardness are at the middle and upper level, but the main surprise is its durability. Generally used for forging Iaito more; many swords known for their durability are made from 1060 carbon steel. While swords made from 1060 carbon steel are very popular, 1060 is more difficult to forge, shape, and polish than 1045 steel. So a sword made of 1060 carbon steel is more expensive than a sword made of 1045 carbon steel. It also depends on its accessories, tempering and polishing.
Coolkatana provides cost-effective katana forged from 1060 steel. All are designed for practical use, and the products are hand-forged by swordsmiths who have inherited two hundred years of casting technology in Longquan, China.

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