Japanese Samurai Swords Are Known As the Sharpest in the World, but Do You Really Know It?

Japanese Samurai Swords Are Known As the Sharpest in the World, but Do You Really Know It?

The Japanese samurai swords are the most important weapons in Japan, which are more famous and more representative of Japanese cold weapons than long weapons such as spears and naginata. But what are the Japanese samurai swords, and do you really know them?

1. Japanese samurai swords: Katana

In the history of Japan, as long as a samurai, no matter who, will wear a long and a short katana, and the long one, is katana. The blade of Katana is designed in a curved shape called a kyotei, and the central part of the blade is designed to be the most curved part for the reason that it is easy to draw.

Compared to Katana, another Japanese knife is very easy to confuse with it, which is the Tachi, and the difference is that when Katana is placed, the blade is usually placed with the mouth upward, while the Tachi is placed downward, and the sheath mouth of the Katana has a small handle and a matsu inserted on each side, the small handle is a small knife about 18 cm long, which is used to cut things and cut lines, and occasionally plays the role of a flying knife, which is called a hand sword in Japan, while the role of the matsu, is tidy up hair and tickle. The tachi sword has none of these things.

2. Japanese samurai swords: small tachi

The Japanese samurai swords are actually similar to the ribbed swords, but they are equipped with a small sword and a matsu inside, which makes them more useful. Samurai not only pay attention to the internal pursuit, but also care about the external characteristics. In the movie "Twilight Seibei", the main character, Iguchi Seibei, defeats a martial arts master with a small tachi.

3. Japanese samurai swords: Wakizashi

Many people will notice that Japanese samurai generally carry two swords at the waist, and they are together, carried in the same direction at the waist. Throughout Japanese history, all Japanese samurai have had one long and one short sword. However, contrary to what many people understand, the Wakizashi was not just a professional suicide tool, as if the Japanese samurai had nothing to do but prepare for suicide. In fact, the reason why Japanese samurai carry Wakizashi is because it can play a real use in battle: one is used to break the armor - to attack close, can make the force, especially against part of the use of metal chest armor, the second is used to fight in a small space. The length of the Wakizashi is not always the same, usually between 30-60 cm.

4. Japanese samurai swords: short swords

Although the short sword may not seem powerful enough, it is almost a representative of status, which can only be worn by daimyo or meritorious warriors, and is mainly used for daily defense. Because of this, the shuriken was more decorative, and the sword was decorated with various methods such as brush painting and inlaid stones, in short, how to look good. Because of the status symbol of the short sword, so often forged by famous artists, such as Toyotomi Hideyoshi has a short sword, red snow left text, Toyotomi very fond of this knife.


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