Samurai Sword: a Legendary Weapon with a Soul

Samurai Sword: a Legendary Weapon with a Soul

Akira Kurosawa, known as "Kurozawa Emperor", is a monument in the history of world cinema and has always been among the top film masters. His masterpiece "Seven Samurai" has always been at the forefront of the world's major authoritative film rankings. As soon as "Seven Samurai" came out, until today, there has never been a movie that can interpret the true meaning of the movie katana spirit so wonderfully.


The word samurai sword, no one has heard of it, but may not understand its true connotation. In fact, samurai sword was originally a noble word, and it is a principle that the Japanese samurai class must strictly abide by. The requirements of the authentic samurai sword are mainly in several aspects: righteousness, courage, benevolence, courtesy, sincerity, reputation, and loyalty.


I. Cultural requirements of samurai sword


1. "Righteousness" is the strictest teaching in the samurai code, requiring samurai to abide by justice and morality.


2. "Courage" requires warriors to have the spirit of daring and perseverance, as well as strong martial arts.


3. "Benevolence" makes the samurai not become a martial artist, but must have the virtues of tolerance, love, sympathy and compassion.


4. "Propriety" is not only a demeanor, but also an external manifestation of emotion and concern for others.


5. "Sincerity" requires the samurai to be honest and free from temptations such as those from the merchant class.


6. The consciousness of "reputation" contains the dignity of the personality and a clear awareness of value. It requires the samurai to be willing to give everything for the sake of reputation, and to have the character of distinguishing right from wrong and maintaining patience and perseverance.


7. "Loyalty" is of paramount importance. It is the link between people in various situations. Loyalty to one's master is a creed that a warrior must abide by.


II. For samurai, samurai sword is the most important weapon and symbol of samurai spirit


A samurai should cherish his sword as much as he cherishes his life. Movie katana is also a symbol of status and honor, an ordinary person has no right to wear the two swords of a samurai. The samurai's sword was not scabbard, and the adage "failure is victory" meant that for the samurai, bloodless victory was the real victory.


These are all discussed in the film "Seven Samurai", but in addition to discussing what a real samurai is, the film also confronts the end of the road for the samurai class. At the end of the film, Kanbei looked at the villagers who were singing happily in the fields, and said to Shichiroji with great pain: "We lost again, and those farmers are the winners. The samurai is like the wind, blowing from the earth. It rolled by, and those peasants were always with the earth, living forever."


Today, the era of samurai is like a gust of wind, long gone; and into modern society, movie katana has basically lost its practicality as a cold weapon, but the soul represented by samurai and samurai sword is immortal, because samurai sword has of the soul, its soul is noble. Perhaps because of this, until today, Japan's knife industry is still strong, and various knives are sought after by knife friends all over the world. In fact, Kanbei was wrong. The samurai as a group will eventually disappear, but the spirit of the samurai will be immortal. This may be a proof that countless sword lovers are rushing to buy and enjoy Japanese swords.

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