Demon Slayer: is Tanjiro's Black Sword an Unimportant Sword?

Demon Slayer: is Tanjiro's Black Sword an Unimportant Sword?

The anime "Demon Slayer" has come to an end, and Tanjiro and his party have embarked on a new journey. Regarding Tanjirou's strength, he is not inferior to Inosuke and Tomioka Giyuu, why is his sword only black and this rare sword? Even his master Urokodaki Sakonji said that the swords in the hands of ordinary strong people should be bright red or other bright colours. The form of tanjiro's nichirin sword at the last moment is the sword he really should have. The protagonist Tanjiro's sword is a black sword that has always attracted everyone's attention because black swords are recognized as unimportant swords, but in terms of strength, Tanjiro's strength exceeds Inosuke, but Inosuke's sword has colour.


Demon Slayer Tanjiro Nichirin Sword

 Tanjiro's Black Sword - COOLKATANA

1. Analysis of the reason why tanjiro's nichirin sword is black


On the one hand, everyone guessed that the colour of the katana does not change according to the strength of the character, but according to the character of the owner. Tanjiro is a very gentle character. Tanjirou's nose can smell the slightest change around him. Whether it's the breath of sin or misery, Tanjirou can smell it with his nose. It is also for this reason that Tanjiro can know the mood of the demon, and the demons killed by Tanjiro have their difficulties. Every time he kills a demon, he can hear the demon's inner voice, his gentle side will be exposed instantly, and even the dead person will be buried and he will be saved. Such a gentle side is also black just  the tanjiro demon slayer katana. Sometimes black does not represent solemnity and heartlessness, but represents tolerance and understanding.


Demon Slayer Tanjiro Nichirin Sword
 Demon Slayer Tanjiro Nichirin 3rd Generation Sword

Because black is the colour that appears after absorbing all visible light, the so-called black light is no light. The sword in his hand also means that Tanjirou will endure many, many things in his life. The departure of his family is the first blow to him, and he gradually accepts and tolerates it. Tanjirou's attitude towards demons is that they can tolerate them as long as they don't hurt innocents, and instantly felt that Tanjirou was gentle to the extreme. In addition, Tanjiro's sword does not need a blade at all, the blade just looks comfortable to hold. For Tanjiro, having a blade or not is the same, because Tanjiro's strength has nothing to do with having a blade or not. Tanjirou has memorized the moves in his heart, and his father's teachings have had a lifelong influence on him.


2. The invisible tanjiro's nichirin sword


During the battle against The mount natagumo arc, the blade of the tanjiro nichirin sword was interrupted due to his strength. In the face of this situation, Tanjirou did not despair, but adjusted his breathing, and used the hilt of the sword to use the water breathing ten types of. Then he thought of what his father said and adjusted his breathing to become vulcan. There is a way to breathe, as long as you adjust your breathing, no matter how cold it is.


So Tanjirou directly created an invisible blade with his father's teaching and his own will and Nezuko's blood-boiling that broke out at this time, and directly cut off the enemy's head, although he did not die in the end, this battle It will be Tanjiro's battle of the gods because The Demon Slayer Corps can use their special katanas to make more powerful moves than those with katanas. So it doesn't matter what colour Tanjiro's sword is, what matters is his own will, and the unswerving will makes Tanjiro's blade. The blade created by a firm will be much higher than the blood-red blade. At the last moment, we saw the blade of the tanjiro's nichirin sword, which is also blood-red, which is the raging flame burning in his heart. His black katana only represents his character, but not his strength!

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