One Piece - Enma Sword

One Piece - Enma Sword

How did the Enma Sword help Zoro to complete the overlord's color surround, do you want to have the same Enma Sword?


In the anime "One Piece", the famous sword Enma is listed as one of the 21 Great Grade swords, and it is currently in the hands of Roronoa Zoro, and is one of his three swords. It is also the only one that left a scar on the beasts Kaido. It was originally the Kozuki Oden Sabre, and now it was donated to Zoro by Kozuki Hiyori. According to the swordsman Feichi, the Enma sword can be used without authorization. Unleashing the Haki of the user, only Kozuki Oden in the country of Wano can control it. In addition, the famous swords Enma and Wado Ichimonji were created by Shimotsuki Kozaburo.


Feichi handed the Enma Sword to Zoro, and instantly released his Haki. Zoro's arms were all sucked dry, and the coast could be chopped off with a single wave, which could greatly increase the power of the slash. However, Enma Sword had not yet been made into a black blade at that time, otherwise the ranking could still rise. According to Enma Sword's ability to unleash the user's haki, it just revealed how strong Hawkeye Mihawk's Haki was.

Enma Sword choose Zoro, or did Zoro become Enma Sword?


In the decisive battle of the Onigashima, Zoro and the emperor's deputy-level combat power King fought fiercely, and this was also the process of the Enma Sword choosing the owner to test Zoro.

During this period, the famous sword Enma became unstable, absorbed a large amount of Zoro's haki, and released it. Zoro's arm was once again sucked dry at first, and releasing so much haki is undoubtedly very deadly. In such a desperate situation, Zoro also awakened the haoshoku haki, and no longer tried to stabilize the haki, but let the Enma Sword release a lot, and accepted the trial of the Enma Sword.

On the other hand, the most powerful swordsman, Hawkeye Mihawk, holding the black blade Night against the Enma , will absorb more haki. This can actually be explained by the scene of the top war. In the war on the top two years ago, Hawkeye Mihawk blocked Luffy. During this period, he waved the black blade night and instantly split the huge iceberg surrounding Marin Vando. This blow is enough to prove that the black The haki force released by black blade night far exceeded Enma Sword's. After all, the power of slashing was too different, while Hawkeye Mihawk was not affected at all and could still control it easily.

It can be seen that the haki strength of Hawkeye Mihawk far exceeds the current Zoro Enma Sword, and it is undoubtedly better than Kozuki Oden. Therefore, from the current situation, Hawkeye Mihawk's haki has reached the level of the four emperors, and the current Zoro is like the gap between the emperor's deputy and the four emperors of the pirates.

During the battle between Zoro and King, he also stated that Kozuki Oden was able to fight easily even when he was absorbed so much haki by Enma Sword, which proved to be the case, whether it was splitting the mountain god or fighting When the beasts were Kaido, they were not affected, and this also reflected that Kozuki Oden's haki far surpassed the current Zoro. Of course, this is also a proof of strength.

The "kendo" that Zoro insists on.

As a great swordsman who wants to become world-class, Zoro must not only have superb skills and high-quality weapons, but also have the "kendo" that can always allow him to carry out his life. , The Black Blade shusui has been returned to Wano by Zoro. So now there are only 2 weapons that Zoro is holding, that is, Wado Ichimonji and Sandai Kitetsu, and he still lacks a weapon that is handy. At this time, Enma Sword appeared in front of Zoro. Although this sword of Enma is a treasured sword, it is very evil. Except for Oden, everyone else was killed by this sword, so Enma is a treasured sword that kills people. But Zoro directly chose this "deadly-killing" sword, Enma. After Zoro tried the Enma sword, he knew that the negative consequences of this sword were very serious, but Zoro still chose this Enma sword. The reason why Zoro chose this "deadly-killing" sword, Enma, was not only because this sword is one of the 21 Great Grade swords, but also because of Zoro's insistence on "kendo", which led Zoro to choose the "death-killing" sword. The "kendo" that Zoro has always insisted on is "who will go to hell if I don't go to hell".

From the current point of view, Enma can be said to be the most domineering sword that Zoro controls! Automatically trigger the flow of Sakura - this is the characteristic of Enma. The moment Zoro picked it up to try the knife, he wanted to cut off the tree trunk in front of him, but he didn't expect Zoro to cut off the entire coast under Enma's lead! According to Hitetsu and Kinemon's introduction, Enma will absorb the user's haki, so as to achieve the form of an invincible black blade, and ordinary samurai will be sucked dry instantly when using it~ Only a strong person like Oden can do it. control. However, under the control of zoro's mind, the haki that was forcibly inspired was returned to Suo Long. What do you think of the haki and uncontrollable sword of Enma?


Enma Sword
 is not simple, it can inspire haki


Speaking of which, many One Piece fans will have doubts. Could it be that Zoro's haki arrogance could not have been formed without the stimulation of Enma Sword? Judging from the information given so far, there is no doubt that knives as weapons do not possess the Haki of overlords. Through Zoro's recollection of Shimotsuki Kozaburo's words, we know that Kozaburo's explanation of whether the Enma sword is a demon sword is as follows :

The Enma sword has its own personality, and the swordsman must understand the personality of the sword in order to control it!

Is the dangerous Enma sword a 'demon sword'? madness! The 'demon sword' is just a 'famous sword' feared by the weak! Just out of fear, they call them 'demon swords'!

The reason why Enma Sword is terrible is just because Enma Sword is fulfilling the 'duties' that was created!

The conclusion drawn from this is that if an excellent swordsman can control his sword, as long as a sword is scary enough, then the swordsman's strength is stronger, and the reason for this is this sword The duty of Enma Sword, simply put, as long as the swordsman has great potential, the duty of Enma Sword will be stronger.

And the Enma Sword made by Kozaburo is undoubtedly the introduction to the potential of Zoro! At the beginning, Kozuki Oden was very powerful, and it had a lot to do with Enma Sword's duty!


Enma Sword
 can be called an existence like a magic weapon


Although Enma Sword has the ability to stimulate the potential of swordsmen, it is not easy to control Enma Sword. From the point of view of Zoro using Enma Sword and turning his arms into a shriveled state, he wants to give full play to Enma. The strength of the knife requires continuous improvement of one's own physical fitness in order to fully stimulate the duty of the knife!

Judging from the fact that Kozuki Oden is at ease, in addition to Enma Sword's important auxiliary role to the overlord, as long as the swordsman's own strength is strong enough, the power it exerts should not be underestimated, and it can emit 100%. Even surpassing 100% of the power, it is definitely a top-level weapon!

It can be seen from this that Enma Sword cannot be underestimated. In addition to stimulating the potential strength of swordsmen in the body, as long as the swordsman's own strength is really strong enough, combined with the special attributes of Enma Sword, there is no doubt that the top swords Howe's throne is also a matter of grasping it. It is not easy for Enma Sword, and it can inspire a tyrannical haki and can be called a magic weapon. What do you think?


Next, let's uncover the true face of
Enma Sword!


On the cover of Volume 96, Enma Sword is seen to be a moderately curved Shobu Zukuri-style katana with a lilac and gold color scheme. Like the Ame no Habakiri, the tsuba is trefoil-shaped, and each lobe is holed in the middle and thickly ridged. The tsuka is lacquered solid lilac (rather than cloth-wrapped), as is the saya. Both are embellished with simple, golden, five-petaled flower motifs on each side. The kashira and kojiri are matching in appearance, being large with trefoil cutouts to match the tsuba; the kojiri possesses an additional accent, which seems to be a wide, knobbed ring above it. Like the Kitetsu swords, Enma Sword also possesses an irregular flame-shaped hamon and black no-hi.

Three pieces of cord are present on the sword: one directly above the kashira (without hanging end), another on the saya a short bit below its mouth with two hanging, tufted ends (serving as the sageo), and yet another cord further below on the saya (again no hanging end). Further, a little bandaging is present on the tsuka for better grip. its tsuka is black, and its hamon is golden. Enma's anime color scheme is a violet tsuka, as well as a violet sheath.






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